Why local SEO is important for law firms

Why local SEO is important for law firms

Local SEO is essential for law firms that want to secure valuable customers quickly, being local helps you build trust and a strong customer base that will allow your law firm to secure more, valuable leads. Local SEO helps build trust and is an easy way to secure good reviews for your businesses that will help you target a wider audience.

So what is local SEO for law firms and how can it help you secure more customers?

Local SEO targets low competition SEO keywords for customers that require SEO services within a specific area. Targeting local customers means you’re able to achieve first page rankings much quicker than targeting a wider area with higher levels of competition. Learn more about local SEO and how it can help you secure more leads for your businesses.

Local is one of many different types of SEO methods used to help rank businesses on Google for different keywords, local SEO is used by many companies to secure quick SEO leads easily with low competition.

Local SEO Helps secure local customers for law firms utilising low competition SEO

Local SEO utilises low competition keywords, this means that although less people are searching for services on a local level, the search intent for local keywords tends to be higher as people are looking for a more specific service within a specific area. This enables us to secure valuable keywords that we can target and rank on the first page of Google to generate more leads.

The lower competition is a result of the lower search volume. Keywords with a lower search volume normally have a lower level of competition than keywords with a higher search volume.

Local SEO helps reduce SEO costs for law firms on a low budget

Local SEO helps reduce the SEO costs for law firms that have a low budget for SEO but still want to achieve rankings on Google. Ask us more about how we implement local SEO for law firms.

Local SEO offers quicker results for law firms looking to secure leads quickly

Local SEO allows law firms to rank quicker because local SEO takes less effort due to the lower SEO competition. Local SEO results can vary depending on the location. A simple example would be a location with higher levels of crime may have more requests for criminal solicitors compared to areas with lower levels of crime, that being said larger areas may also have a higher search volume than areas with a lower population of people. These factors are often not considered when planning a local SEO strategy however they can significantly effect how profitable your local SEO campaign is. It’s also best to do your keyword research and identify the specific areas you want to target before you start your local SEO.

Local SEO for law firms sets a strong foundation to target larger areas with higher level of competition

Local SEO for law firms is a great place to start if you have never used SEO services for your law firms website, local SEO for law firms is low cost, gives quick results and is much easier to plan than more generic SEO services that target a wide group or niche of people. Even if your law firm requires SEO services that are not local SEO services, similar low competition methods like targeting long tail keywords would be used to secure valuable new leads for your law firm.


Local SEO isn’t the only way to rank your law firms website in Google but it’s certainly a useful way to rank your law firms website quickly and secure valuable leads for your law firm.

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