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Local SEO for law firms

Local SEO refers to SEO that targets a very specific small area, it’s a great way to quickly secure new clients as there are many ways to quickly and reliably implement quick SEO services for your business on Google. If you want quick SEO results for your law firm then local SEO is a must have feature you must include to ensure your website achieves the best rankings possible.

Local SEO services ensure your law firms SEO results achieve the best possible rankings for its target keywords in the local area you wish to target.

Local SEO services

Law firm SEO expert provide a reliable off-page SEO service for law firms looking to improve their websites SEO performance. Off-page SEO is required to ensure your website can be found on search engines, by potential clients looking for your services. Off-page SEO will directly effect your websites SEO performance due to the type of backlinks and quality of the reviews you have. 

Law firm SEO expert
Google business listing

Law firm SEO expert can set up and optimise your Google business listing to ensure your website always appears locally for the law services you provide, or expert SEO team will ensure we obtain reviews from your previous clients to further optimise your Google business listing.

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Location targeting

We can create unique pages to target different locations on your website, our location targeting service is specific to each area we target and ensures all the pages for the different areas we target are crawled and indexed by Google, helping to further boost your website rankings.

Law Firm SEO Expert
Local business listing

Law firm SEO expert will list your business in local business listings to ensure we rank your website on the first page of Google for your desired keywords, learn more about the different business directories we use to list your website and rank it on the first page of Google.

Law firm SEO expert
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Local SEO FAQ's

Learn more about local SEO services we provide for law firms and how we can help your law firm boost it’s online rankings with quality on-page SEO.

Local SEO is important because it allows your website to quickly rank for low competition keywords targeting potential clients in a specific area for the keywords they are searching for. 

Yes, all our SEO plans include local SEO services to ensure we can rank your website on the first page of Google.

The time it takes to complete local SEO services for law firms is dependant upon the current quality of your law website and what keywords you need to rank for.

We will provide a detailed SEO audit of your website to establish what keywords your website is currently ranking for and the specific aspects of your website that require improving.

The package we recommend would depend on how quickly you want your website to rank on Google for your target keywords, if you require results within 4 months we’d recommend using our silver package.

Yes, your current website design will directly effect your websites local SEO results.